The FS5 was designed with a new philosophy in mind – to create a lightweight, durable and fully equipped Super 35 wide format sensor (LSF) handheld camcorder. With the FS5, Sony has created a camcorder that is easy and convenient to carry. In addition, to meet the compatibility requirements for shooting with a drone or gimbal mount, the FS5 offers a modular design that allows the handle and grip to be easily removed to make the body even smaller and lighter. The FS5 is the world’s first Super 35mm camcorder to offer a built-in variable electronic ND (Neutral Density) filter, which further extends the depth of field of the wide-format sensor. Unlike common optical ND filters, the FS5’s electronic ND filter can be controlled from 1/4 ND to 1/128 ND in a linear fashion. This makes the FS5 ideal for shooting on the move and in changing environments, as it doesn’t require you to change filters as lighting conditions change. Further flexibility is offered by Clear Image Zoom, which expands the zoom ratio with low zoom ratio or fixed optics. Another key feature of the FS5’s philosophy with LSF is the α-mount lens system, making it extremely easy to use with both Sony and third party lenses. The FS5’s E-Mount is compatible with film and SLR lenses through the use of a third-party adapter, as well as Sony’s E-Mount and A-Mount lenses.